Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MDOT Tattoo

Don't confuse the two:

MN Department of Transportation (MN DOT)       

Ironman "MDot" logo

Thankfully, they did the right one:

I was planning on getting this soon after Ironman Wisconsin, but to be honest, I debated a little bit about it.  I thought "Do I want something permanent on me?"  I never had a reason to get a tattoo, but after a few days of thinking about it, I decided to just go thru with it.  I got a hold of a few other people who had been delaying the process too--a couple ladies who did IM CDA in June 2011, and one guy who did IMWI in 2010.  So, Saturday night the four of us went and got them done. All except the other guy got the same as what you see above, but he went with a smaller version--about a 1/3 the size.  Still looked cool, though. 

One more thing to be honest about: IT HURT!  Not so much when she did the outline--that felt odd an stung a little.  When she started filling it in, that's when it hurt.  It felt like I had a fresh burn that someone was poking with a sharp stick with alcohol on it.  STUNG LIKE A MOTHER FATHER!  From the start of the inking to the end it was only about 10 minutes so it wasn't too bad overall...

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Barefoot_Chiropractor said...

Nice, Mario. Kind of makes the Warrior Dash logo I was going to get less impressive!