RESULTS archive

1st overall @ Gilman Memorial Turkey Trot 5k, Nov 19
20th @ GameHaven True Cross Country Race, Nov 12 (3rd AG 40-49)
4th @ Spirit Run 5k (1st AG 40-49)
3rd @ Night Beat 5k (1st AG 40-49)
561st @ Ironman Wisconsin, September 11 (93rd AG 40-44)
15th @ TRI-STAR 111 Triathlon (1st AG 40-44)
2nd @ Festival Run 10k (1st AG 40-49)
47th @ Chisago Half Iron Distance Tri (5th AG 40-44)
3rd @ Good Neighbor 5k (2nd in AG 40-49)
1st @ Awesome Blossom 5 mile (1st Overall - PR 29:10)
13th @ Rochesterfest Olympic Distance Triathlon (5th AG 40-44)
2nd @ Mac Attack 5k (5k PR 17:37 - pulled from AG awards due to top 3 overall finish)
2nd @ Chester Woods 5k Trail Race (1st AG 40-49)
3rd @ Stay Out of The Sun Run (1st AG 40-49 - PR 36:45)
3rd @ Spring Classic 15k (1st* AG 40-49 see report)
4th @ Falls Duathlon (1st in AG 40-44)
2nd @ Lucky Green 5k (1st AG 40-49)

1st overall @ Gilman Memorial Turkey Trot
1st overall @ Cannon Wells Duathlon (incl. top bike split)
2nd @ Treadman Duathlon (2nd in AG 35-39)
2nd @ Mosquito Man Duathlon
3rd @ Waseca Sprint Tri (2nd in AG 30-39)
76th @ Chisago Half Iron Tri (9th AG 35-39)
2nd @ Nat'l Training Center 5k
3rd @ Festival Run 5k (PR at 18:08 -- in FiveFinger KSO's)
6th @ Awesome Blossom 5 mile, July 4 (1st AG 30-39, 6th Overall)
8th @ Rochesterfest Olympic Distance Tri (4th AG 40-44)
15th @ Trinona Olympic Distance Tri (1st AG 40-44)
2nd @ Med City 5k (PR, at the time, 18:32)
? @ Sandwich 50, May 9 (I did about 34 of the 50 miles)
Tri Rochester TT's, Thursday in May (PR in TT #3 at 32:55 on the 14 mile course)
3rd @ Falls Duathlon (1st AG 35-39)
16th @ Fetzer Memorial 20k Run

Back To School CX Race (18th Men 4 - C Race, 22nd Overall)
Green Acres CX Race (16th Men 4 - C Race, 19th of 66)
Cannon Wells Duathlon (2nd Overall, 2nd Age 30-39)
Treadman Duathlon(1st Age-Group 35-39, 6th Overall)
RASC Time Trial Championships (1st Overall, Stock Div)
Festival Run 10k (5th Overall, 3rd AG 30-39, 39:28)
Heart of the Lakes Tri (6th of 42 in AG 35-39, 45th overall of 467 - incl Elites/Pro's)
Awesome Blossom 5 Mile (6th Overall, 1st AG 30-39 *PR 30:32*)
Rochesterfest Tri, Olympic Distance *my first Olympic distance* (20th Overall, 3rd AG 35-39)
Pigman Sprint Tri (29th of 666, 2nd AG 35-39)
Apple Duathlon (46th of 308, 7th AG 35-39)
Stay Out of The Sun Run (3rd Overall, 1st AG 30-39, 18:51)
Falls Duathlon (4th Overall, 4th AG 30-39)
Winter Be Gone! Duathlon (7th Overall, 2nd AG 35-39)

Spirit Run- 7th overall, 2nd age group
AG Duathlon World Championship - 67th AG, 154th in wave (AG 35-49) *can you say BONK!*
Cannon Wells Duathlon - 1st overall
RASC TT Championship - 1st overall for series
RASC TT Championship (race #4) - 1st aero division
Rochester 1/2 Marathon - 26th overall (of 602), 7th age group
RASC TT Championship (race #2) - 2nd aero division
Festival Run 10k - 2nd overall, 2nd age group finish
RASC TT Championship (race #1) - 1st aero division
Heart of the Lakes Tri*- 5th age group, 45th overall
Dan Ulwelling Road Race - 3rd age group, 4th overall
Awesome Blossom 5 mile Run - 1st age group, 3rd overall
RochesterFest Sprint Tri - 1st age group, 2nd overall
Fairmont Sprint Tri - 1st age group, 2nd overall
Manitou Sprint Tri* - 6th age group, 37th overall (age groupers, non elite/pro's)
Pigman Sprint Tri* - 6th age group, 18th overall (age groupers, non-elite/pro's)
(PIGMAN was my first triathlon...ever!)
Apple Du* - 1st age group, 10th overall (age-groupers, non-elite/pros)
GearWest Du* - 1st age group, 35th overall
Oakdale Spring Classic Du - 2nd age group, 9th overall
Winter Be Gone Du - 1st overall, short course
SEMYO 5k - 1st age group, 3rd overall
* races in the Midwest Multisport Series

Durand Road Race
Kenwoods Memorial Road Race
Oakdale Spring Classic Du, 2nd age grp, 18th overall
Apple Duathlon, 5th age grp, 29th overall
State Road Race Championship
Treadman Duathlon, 1st age grp, 7th overall
Park Tool Fall Classic Duathlon

Northfield CX, (flatted)
Nature Valley CX, 31st (what the...?)
Alan Factory Cup CX, 6th place
TreadMan Duathlon, 1st (age group)
(Treadman was my first attempt at a duathlon)
Chequamegon Fattire 40, 211th of 1,700
RASC Time Trial Series, 2nd (Jo Mama took 1st)
Gluek Road Race, 2nd (cat 4), 6th (cat 3)
24 Hours of 9 Mile, Team (Peace Coffee), 7th
Northfield Crit, 20th something
MN State Championship Road Race, 3rd place!
Afton Avalanche, 12th place, 4th AG
Roch Cycling SteepleChase, 11th place
Mud Madness (mtb), ??
Lumber 1 Road Race, 10th
KenWoods RR, 17th (flatted)
Durand Road Race, Cat 3, 18th
Red Bull SkyRide, 12th place