Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I did the Insanity Fit-Test on Monday--it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The video for that has the host Shaun T along with a guy and a girl doing the test.  I was able to keep up with the guy for most of it, but the girl is freakin' crazy fast.  I'm sure I'll improve.  My form was not the best and you want form before speed so that slowed me down. My lower abs killed yesterday (Tuesday morning).

Last night, (Tuesday evening) Carin took the "before" pictures.  If I improve and there is a noticable difference at the end (or middle) of the program, I'll post my lumpy definitionless pics with the "after" photo's.  The workout last night was "Plyometic Cardio Circuit".  It was repeated intervals that had a variety of different drills including general stuff like jumping jacks, but also had things related to running, basketball, football, climbing, and boxing.  I think the intervals were 3-4 minutes each with a 30 sec to a min to recover.  It was insane to say the least.  If it goes on like that everyday, that just has to be too much high intensity/anaerobic work. 

I realize programs like this are geared toward people who want to lose weight, somewhat fast, and really need to get their ass kicked.  Sort of puts your body in survival mode and your body has no choice but to shed pounds.  However, I can see how someone really out of shape would be discouraged.  They do warn you to go at your own pace so keeping up is not the goal--its doing what you can for the entire interval, resting, then starting again.  However, from the standpoint of endurance sports, and spacing your intervals out to provide recovery for gains/improvement with longer slower 'aerobic' type work as well as tempo trainng placed within your plan, I don't see how this would provide that much improvement.  Too much of anything does not necessary bring improvement.   From a strength standpoint, it has to be good as things are constantly changing, working muscles, and forcing you to do high reps throughout.  What I did notice during the workout was that it was fairly easy to match or move faster than the people in the video when it came to movements that were similar to running or cycling (high knees, buttkicks, jumps, etc).  When it came to side to side movements and pushups, it was a bit tough.  My ankles haven't had to stop momentum from side to side in years and although I do some pushups, I just don't work my upper body like I used to--not a whole lot of need for high upper body strength to weight ratio in triathlon (aside from swimming movements). Within an hour after the workout, my ankles were sore/weak, and plantar fascitiits (right foot) was in full flair up mode (ok this morning, though).  Cardio Power and Resistance tonight.

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