Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Festival Run 5 & 10k RECAP

I'll make this quick...  The only details I have about the 5k is what Jace and his friend Jared told me.  They were running together until Jared's shoe came untied.  Jace just kept running, but didn't have any other kids his age/size to chase and no one similar to push him.  Jared said he tried to catch up, but....   Jace took 1st in AG 12 and under with a time of 23:51.b  Jared was 2nd.

For the 10k.. I didn't see anyone there that I recognized at past winners, but noticed a few guys at the start line that looked like they were going to push it a bit.  We started and within about a quarter mile three of us, Pete Brueggen, Georg Von Borman,  had a pretty good gap on the pack. We hit mile one (near the point in this  THIS photo) at 5:48.  I was relieved that we weren't going any faster. Usually my first mile in a 10k is much faster then I suffer later.  We hit mile 2 and Georg seemed to have cracked and faded back a good 50 yards almost instantly.   Mile 3, Pete and I are still together, but then he picks up the pace. I got nothin' to match him with. Georg is about 100 yards back by now.  By mile 4 I seem to be gaining on Pete. For about 2.5 miles starting at the river in Mantorville all they way to Kasson we are running up hill. Sort of rollers/false flats, but there is an overall elevation gain in this stretch between the two towns.  At the top of the last hill and only about .6 miles from the finish, I am just about on Pete's heels.  We turn left, I look back, and Georg has clawed his way back and is only about 30 yards from me.  This last .6 was so NASTY!   I accelerated trying to distance myself from Georg--could I catch and pass Pete?  Nope.  All Pete did was go faster himself.  I am then just suffering trying to hold on to second.   Pete held me off, I held of Georg. We finished:
1. Pete, 37:22
2. Mario, 37:34
3. Georg, 37:42

So close.  I have finished 2nd place 3 of the 4 times of races this 10k.


Brian said...

A fuel belt for a 10K? Just practice for the IM? Curious, as I won't even take water from an aid station on a 10K.

Mario said...

You got it. Practice for IM, but ALSO because I won't take water from an aid station as they usually don't know what they are doing. I thank them for volunteering, but please, SQUEEZE THE CUP SHUT at that top. You can't take a wide open cup of at 10 mph and expect water to stay in it.

Brian said...

OK, the practice part and getting a feel for it for the IM makes sense.

As far as the cups, it is an art....take the cup and with one hand use your thumb to create a crease in the center (folding the cup in on itself). Yes, some water lost but now you can sip for a few strides and the remaing water stays in.

Still, you don't need water in a 10K. But that's just me.