Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekly Numbers from August 8 - 14 (Monday thru Sunday)

Hopefully this is legible.  This is last weeks summary.

R: 5.81 Mi
S: 1250.00 Yd 
30m 11s
B: 6.29 Mi 
18m 11s 
Warm up

B: 18.90 Mi 
46m 09s 
Time Trial

B: 3.50 Mi 
12m cooldwn
R: 18.00 Mi
2h 15m 37s 
Long Run
S: 1900.00 Yd 
B: 17.00 Mi 
1h 01m 
S: 1350.00 Yd 
31m 30s
R: 3.08 Mi
22m 22s 
R: 6.31 Mi
37m 34s
10k Race 
B: 81.70 Mi 
4h 16m 07s
Long Ride

R: 5.36 Mi
Swim: 4500 yds, 1h 48m 41s
Bike: 127.39 miles, 6h 33m 27s
Run: 38.56 miles, 4h 40m 33s
TOTAL TRAINING TIME= 13 hrs 2 min 41 sec
I hit an all-time high in running mileage for the week. Mostly due to the agonizing 18 miler on Wednesday and about 9 miles on Saturday (3+ mile for warm-up, 10k race).  Its all coming down from here-on-out until IMWI.  Currently I am enjoying a break from training, so to speak--its reduced volume, mostly reduced intensity, and much shorter workouts this week. R&R week.

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