Friday, August 12, 2011

Festival Run 5 & 10k

I look forward to the Festival Run every year. I've done the 10k three times and the 5k once.  Here's how those races went:

  • 10k in 2007= 2nd overall, 41:10
  • 10k in 2008= 2nd overall, 39:03 (the guy that won in 2007 took 3rd)
  • 10k in 2009= 5th overall, 39:28 (much more competition that year)
  • 5k in 2010= 3rd overall, 18:08 (PR at the time and it was the first time I raced in Five Fingers)
Last year the 10k was won in a time of 41 something.  I'm in for the 10k this year and am hoping to come in under 39 min.  However, the last couple of weeks have been pretty tough--long rides & long runs are draining me.  On Wednesday I ran the Festival Run 10k course just about 3 times.  I ran two loops from my house and back--each loop from my driveway back to driveway was 6.25 miles so I had 12.5 miles in when I started the third loop.  I covered 15 miles in 1:51:15 (a 7:25 pace). I decided at that point to slow it down and see what 8's feel like. Within a quarter mile things weren't going too well.  Right hip pain with buttocks cramp, right foot pain (plantar fasciitis flare up) and left outer knee pain (but it didn't quite feel like the ITB).  From what I can figure out (bouncing questions off of 2 experienced marathoners) they both think it was something to do with the change in pace, which changed my gait, stride, foot strike, etc, that caused my decline.  Seriously, things went from great to horrible...quick.  Anyway, I finished the run. 18 miles total in 2:15:37.  So, will I be a little "run" down on Saturday morning?  Probably. Will it affect me over a 10k run? Maybe..we'll see.

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