Thursday, July 21, 2011

Five Fingers, Middle Toe

Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) has apparently filed suit against FILA for their VFF wanna-be's--the FILA SkeleToes. I've posted a photo of each below. They are similar, but notice that the FILA's have 4 toe pockets as the little toe and the next one in share space.  I have checked these out, not as an option, but because I saw them at JC Penney's as we were walking by.  The soles are way to stiff for my liking.  I love the KSO's, and I have gotten used to the Bikila's, but even then were too stiff for me at first.  Click this for filing details.  I can't seem to find an article with interviews from either company.  However, see below--a message from Vibram to anyone that wants to copy them:


FILA Skele-Toe

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