Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Numbers: July 11 - 17 & Chisago Half

Numbers from last week were right where I wanted them to be. Running time was a bit less than I had scheduled, but I put in a little extra on the bike so it balanced out.   I haven't been putting in as much high intensity training on the bike as I have done in the past so I know if I were doing shorter du's and tri's my bike split would suffer a bit.  That's ok because at Chisago, TriStar, and IMWI, I don't plan on riding much higher than a tempo pace. Still, I should have some threshold work in there as the benefits trickle down to the other zones.  Here are the numbers:

5380.95 Yd
2h 15m 36s
120.70 Mi
5h 54m 47s
27.28 Mi
3h 12m 17s

TOTAL TIME: 12 hrs, 2 min, 40 sec
CHISAGO HALF IRON DISTANCE TRIATHLON  Seems like just yesterday that I was writing down the plan and then the recap of the 2010 Chisago Half Iron. My goal was sub 5 hours. After stopping twice for 'nature' breaks during the race, my final time was 5:00:58. Just missed the goal. In 2011, this Sunday, the goal is the same: Sub 5.  More specifically, 4:59:59 or better. Mathimatically, it works out like this:

Swim: 38 min
T1: 3 min
Bike: 2 hr, 30 min
T2: 2 min
Run: 1 hr, 40 min
TOTAL TIME: 4 hrs 53 min

Saturday afternoon the Ekman's and I are heading up to North Branch to camp at Camp Ojiketa.  Jeremy is in the for the Half, Pattie is sitting this one out. She did HOLT last Sunday in the insane HEAT while Jeremy played support.  Bill and Wendy Nevala (and kids?) will be camping as well--Wendy is on the start list, not sure if Bill is or not.  I'm sure we'll see several other triathletes and TriRochester members camping there too.

I'll try to throw in a recap on Monday.  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

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