Friday, June 17, 2011


Rochesterfest Triathlons take place Sunday, June 19.  Here is a quick review of the race, sort of Brian Maas style, with my goal times and times from last year.  I'm racing the Olympic Distance which is made up of a 1.5k swim (.93 miles), 40k bike (24.8 miles), and a 10k run (6.2 miles).  I'd like the clock to read 2:09:59 or less. That's a big goal considering I haven't done an olympic distance tri since the 2010 Rochesterfest Olympic, but we'll see. Last year I finished 8th overall and 4th in my age group (40-44).

2010 TOTAL TIME- 2:13:26
2011 GOAL TIME-   2:09:59 

2010- 27:23 rank 51st
2011 goal- 26:45
The swim hasn't changed. Its a two lap swim that takes up almost all of Foster Arends Lake (ok, its more like a pond).  You finish one lap, exit the water and storm across the beach, re-enter the water and swim another lap.  I never swim fast.  I need to go harder than just a leisurely pace to shave 38 seconds off.

2010- 2:15
2011 goal- 1:59
Ok, so I am not shooting for the sky here, but any time savings will help.  Its a long run up the beach to the bikes. 

2010- 1:01:41, rank 6th (24.1 mph average)
2011 goal- 1:00:30 (would be 24.59 mph average)
The bike course is completely different from the 2008-2010 course.  This course has the potential to be faster, but that may depend on the wind.  It takes us north of Rochester, then east toward Elgin then back.  The winds up near those farms feel like they're always in your face and never at your back.  I gotta take my 2010 time down by over a minute.  Good luck, me.

2010- 1:07
2011 goal- 1:05
I think 2 seconds saved is possible : )

2010- 41:03, rank 11th (6:36 per mile)
2011 goal- 39:30 (6:21 per mile)
I am not quite sure how 41 minutes was high enough for the 11th fastest run, but it is a challenging course and I knew it well so that may explain why the times weren't too fast overall (however, the top guy, Rochesters Alex Hooke, ran sub 37 min!!).  My PR for a stand-alone 10k is 36:45 and that was just last month.  I think I can go 39:30, but by the time you've swam and biked, what's left is based on what your body can still handle AND how much you have left in the tank.

If I hit the times above, I'll finish in 2:09:43 so I got a little cushion in there.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL RACING, TRAINING, LOUNGING, or what ever you are doing this weekend--HAVE FUN!!

Check out this cool on line Triathlon Pace Calculator.

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Brian said...

Go Top 10 and prove Jerry wrong. That alone should be your incentive!