Monday, June 20, 2011

Rochesterfest Triathlons - Great Race, but not for me...

There I am suffering toward the finish line--video by Brian Maas.  I finished 1 min 29 seconds slower than last years Rochesterfest Olympic Triathlon.  Why...?  Not sure.  Where..?  On the bike.  I improved all other splits, although by very little. However, the bike took me much longer.  Was I low on energy (calorically depleted), was the bike course harder despite it 'looking' like a faster course, did I mess up my taper/was my tapering period too long......?  I think it may be a little bit of all of that combined. 

Here's my goal splits for the race, 2010 & 2011, and the actual:
2010- 2:13:26
OVERALL GOAL TIME- 2:09:59 or less
ACTUAL TIME- 2:14:55

2010- 27:23 (rank 51st)
2011 Goal- 26:45
2011 Actual- 27:21 (rank 49th)

The concensus among returning participants was that turn number 3 in the long course was extended further into the corner of the lake, adding distance.  Race directors says the course was measured 'spot on'. I trust him--was last years course short....?  Maybe.

2010- 2:15
2011 Goal- 1:59
2011 Actual- 1:56 (YAY!!)

2010- 1:01:41, ranked 6th overall
2011 Goal- 1:00:30
2011 Actual- 1:03:55, ranked 11th overall -  BOOO!

I don't know what happened on the bike. Just slower.  Strange thing is, is that they have my overall speed faster this year at 24.4 mph.  Last year with a faster time, they have my speed at 24.1 mph.  What the...

2010- 1:07
2011 Goal- 1:05
2011 Actual- 1:01 (YAY!)

I put on my right shoe, then put that foot under me and was squating on the right leg while putting on the left shoe--MY RIGHT HAMSTRING FROZE UP AND CRAMPED!  I paniched, then relaxed and it instantly went away.  Whew!!  No delay in T2 split. 

2010- 41:03 (6:36 per mile)
2011 Goal- 39:30 (6:21 per mile)
2011 Actual- 40:46 (6:34 per mile)...Yay...?

Slight improvement, but not enough.  I saw Brian coming in for his last 200 yards or so to finish up the sprint while I was just going out to start my run.  I was hurtin.  Mile one was pure suffering.  At just short of 1.5 miles out, I saw Alex Hooke coming towards me in the lead.  I clapped a couple times and yelled, "YOU GOT IT ALEX," as we criss crossed.  About a hundread 50 yards later Dan Hedgecock was coming at me.  Moving faster than Alex.  Oh oh.  About a minute later, Sam Janicki was coming at me.    Dan caught Alex, but Sam didn't.  They finished top 3: Dan, Alex, Sam.  I continued to run in a dizzying state. Mile 2 hurt.  Mile 3 was ok, then mile 4, 5 & 6 seemed tolerable as I knew I was on my way back.  As I climb up the dirt path back to 37th Street, I thought I could go under 40 minutes--but then the next turn looked like it was 10 miles down the road.  WOW that was tough. Oh well.


Now,  exactly 12 weeks and counting until Ironman Wisconsin.  Let the looooong training begin.

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Brian said...

Your only goal right now is peaking for IM Moo. Nothing else should matter right now. So don't look at this as a bad result but a step to that. And it was NOT a bad result. The field for the Oly was loaded and deep, no less so in your own AG. You should stand proud on this one!