Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekly Numbers from June 6 - June 12 (Mon-Sunday)

Week 2 of the Taper for Rochesterfest Triathlon is complete.  I decided when I was planning my calendar that I would not do Trinona this year--which is the week prior to Rochesterfest--and would instead do the Mac Attack 5k.  This turned out to be a good check on my speed and got a PR out of it.  However, I am wondering when I will be at the end of the line when it comes to PR's.  I am not sure I can come under my current 5k time--ever (see previous post).  This week, June 13 - 19, is race week.  Rochesterfest Olympic Triathlon is in 3 days.  Earlier this week I came down with something funky. Sinus congestion, GI issues, muscle aches, extreme exhaustion, etc.  This came on after a short swim on Tuesday afternoon.  Yesterday, I forced a short run.  I started the run with that sort of headache that feels like theres a weight in your head bouncing up and down making you wince and squint with every step.  After about 5 minutes it went away.  About 20 minutes in--GI issues.  Luckily I was near some facilities if you know what I mean.  After that, I was fine.  I don't remember eating any European sprouts...  Who knows what it was, but it seemed to have ran its course.  I was still extremely tired last night so I had to skip the short ride I had planned.  So, for the week so far I have one 20 min swim in, and a 35 min jog.  That's it so far.  That's ok, you're better off going in to a race with less training during the week of the race than with too much. In other words, extra rest is better than extra work.  I only have about 3 hours planned for the week anyway, not including the time the race takes up.  We'll see how the brick goes tonight. 

Numbers for last week:

Swim: 3250.00 Yd, 1h 15m 32s

Bike: 68.72 Mi, 3h 28m 20s

Run: 23.76 Mi, 2h 47m 54s

Strength: 33m

TOTAL: 8 hrs 05 min 19 sec

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Brian said...

Sounds like what I had last weekend after Manitou was over. Took about 48-hrs to move thru the system. You'll be fine. If not by Sunday, then remind me not to shake your hand when I see you ;)