Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesome Blossom 5 mile & 2 Mile Races

Hopefully we can make this one on 4th of July morning.  Jace and I have ran in these since 2008 so I'd like to keep developing this tradition.  I've always done the 5, Jace the 2, and Carin did the 2 mile in 2009.  Jace said he'd do the 5 mile this year, but then figured he'd give the deuce another shot.

The course is absolutely flat.  For the 5 milers, you run one small loop which they use for the two mile course after the 5 is done, then you run a larger, 3 mile loop.  My best time out there is 30:32--in 2009 (a 6:05 pace).  However, there's no reason I can't run 5:55's out there which would be a time of 29:30.  We'll see.  Actually, the reason might be that its on a holiday weekend and you know how that goes sometimes. 

There's not much out on the web about this race--is part of the Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration in Blooming Prairie, MN.  If you want a race form, email jbruns@blossoms.k12.mn.us

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