Thursday, June 2, 2011

100 DAYS

I am not sure he countdown timer to the left is spot-on with regards to start time, but with regards to days-to-go, anyone participating or racing in IRONMAN WISCONSIN 2011, has 100 days left to train for it.

My Plan:

All along it has been to do one multisport race/semi long ride or run per month, each of them getting longer and longer until IMWI.

April: Falls Du
May: Spring Classic 15k
June: Rochesterfest Olympic Tri
July: Chisago Half Iron Length Tri
August: Didn't have one in mind, but found that TRI 111 is coming to MN so I may do that (1k swim, 100k bike, 10k run)
September: IMWI

I am going to throw in some planned and some random running events--mostly ones that Jace is also doing.  This will help keep me thinking 'race' and help with speed work. 

The biggest thing is the regular training plan.  Most people I know do 15, ideally 20 hours per week, with recovery weeks every 3rd or 4th week where training is reduced quite a bit.  For myself, and I'm sure many other people with jobs, families/kids, kids activities/school/sports, don't really have time to put in that much training.  So...I am going with a plan I found that has you training for 13 weeks while doing around 13 hours per week for the high weeks, with the idea that you can finish an Ironman event in around 13 hours.  I think its a bit of a gamble, but do-able.  There is no guarantee that you will be able to walk very well afterwards, but whatever.

The plan is pretty simple--looks like frequent short training sessions during the week, with one or two complete days off/rest days during the week, then LOOOONG training sessions on the weekends.  We'll see.

Right now we're 14 weeks and some change away from the race.  The week ending with Rochesterfest on June 19 is actually week 13 (counting down) so after that I am going to kick in the remaining 12 weeks and make it happen.