Friday, June 3, 2011

Training Numbers from Last Week (May 23 - May 29)

Totally forgot about checking out the training times/mileage from last week. It was an R&R week and I was able to lay off my right foot with regards to running.  I took the first few days of the week totally off of running and no weight-bearing strength work either.  Foot is coming along, but I can still feel it and pain comes and goes--usually if I switch shoes--like when I first put on dress/work shoes. Strange.  This current week, May 30 thru June 5, is a Tapering week.  Rochesterfest Olympic Tri is just over two weeks away.

Anyway, numbers:

Swim: 2250.00 Yd, 55m 27s

Bike: 50.30 Mi, 2h 47m 29s

Run: 13.74 Mi, 1h 44m 09s

Strength: 24m
TOTAL TRAINING TIME:  5 hours, 48 minutes, 5 seconds

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