Monday, May 23, 2011

Lance Armstrong

Here we go again.  Same old thing.  Lance doped.  You know what...?  I don't think anyone that matters, cares.  Seriously, all these guys coming forward to say they doped with Lance.  Hmmm..   Bitter Tyler Hamilton--why now?  Why not when you got your Olympic Gold stripped from you?  Oh wait, don't you have a book coming out soon.  Nice, get your name back in millions of households on 60 minutes.

Here's the other thing, they are saying that everyone was doing it.  Ok then, fair is fair.  It was a level playing field.  If they were all doing it, then no matter where they placed in a stage, a tour, a one-day race, is all null and void.  Or, its all even.  Either way, clean it up now and forget about it.

How about this, Federal Government and 60 minutes--why don't you investigate the NFL, the MLB, the NBA.  Then take away every touchdown, home run, all free-throws, 2 pt, and 3 pt shots by all players.  Then take away Superbowl rings worn by anyone who played on a team with someone on steriods. Take away all wins.  You get the point, right?

A portion of our taxes and of the membership fees we pay to USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, etc, go into these investigations.  How about you use the money to train athletes on how to train right instead?  Or why not try this:  go to the NFL and all colleges and do blood tests of the football teams before every game.  And make them report their whereabouts during the off season so you can spring surprise blood tests on them, like you do the cyclists. 

Where's it stop?  Look forward instead of looking back and quit waisting our money on these endless investigations.


Charly Tri said...

Lance doped and tried/did wreck many people's lives in the cover ups. Also, the UCI (the freaking governing body!) acted to cover up his blown test(s) after large pay offs. This is more than just one guy cheating, it is corruption at every level. Sounds like in order to clean the future you need to expose the past.

Plus, if you found out one of the guys you compete with had been cheating the last several years would you give him a "well, don't do it again" speech?

Brian said...

OK, you turn 40 and now you are turning into a cranky old man like me. Excuse me a sec while I yell at kids to get the hell off my lawn!

Anyway, I agree with you. The 'level playing field' comment resonates. They were all doing it, and Lance won. So there you Frenchie's!

Seriously, the guy is like a lightning rod for all these angry bikers. I see Big Gerorge piped in as well, but he denies saying anything against Lance in a follow-up. So....who to believe?

BTW - If Lance does have to give back his titles, can you get it extended back to 1989 so I can move up one spot in the Waco Triathlon I did (and Lance won)?

Mario said...

Ok, lets throw the doping out and look back further in Lances career. History shows he has always been a bit of a freak when it comes to athletics. Was he doping in high school when he was killing it in short-course triathlon? Doubtful. Didn't he rise thru the ranks in a matter of a couple years to be the national Sprint course champion at age 18--beating guys who were seasoned professionals? How is that explained? EPO? Not likely back then. Steriods--doubt it. Now I don't want to give the guy a pass IF he is guilty, but he/his organization has helped more than he's hurt. Again, no excuse, but all of this would still be going on if Lance had died from cancer--it just may not be getting as much press. The people he 'wrecked' would still be guilty, but they'd have much less money. Lets face it, Lances presense on the scene since his first Tour win thru current has brought much attention and millions if not billions more $$ to the table, the governing bodies, the races, Bike shops, the sponsors, etc. The money is still coming in for these squeelers with Dateline & 60 Min interviews, book deals, etc. Trek is more of a household name because of all of this.

If I found out that guys I raced against were doping--well, who cares. I am not sure how I'd feel, but what could I do? I'm an amateur. If someone dopes to win the amateur races that I've done, they've got deeper issues and I feel sorry for them. Now, at my age, I don't think I have to worry about AG'ers cheating--except for cutting the course : )

Charly Tri said...

Mike Anderson, Emma O'Reilly, Frankie Andreu, Betsy Andreu, Greg Lemond, Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton, and Simeoni (Forget first name) are all people that have publicly spoken about what went on and the Lance camp did everything possible to not only discredit them, but ruin their lives and lively hood. Not just convicted dopers in there. Read more than what is produced on news websites.

Just how much "good" does a cyclist need to do before his cheating can be accepted? BTW, Lance has made millions from his for profit (yes, the .com site is for profit) side of Livestrong. He has several motivations for his cancer sucks campaigns (money, social acceptance of his crimes, etc). Oh, and never mind that it is assumed by many medical professionals that his cancer grew so fast because steroid use accelerated it's growth.

I have to sacrifice in order to race the way I do. If someone beats me because he short cut with drugs I would be irate.