Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekly Numbers and other stuff from May 16 - May 22 (Mon-Sunday)

It was a busy week. Some odd rides, an evening 10k race, a possible injury, and getting hailed on.

Last week was official Bike to Work Week.  Due to my job dress code, living out in Kasson, being on a schedule to pick up the kids after work, it not that easy to ride to work. However, I wanted to do it one time to see how much work it really is. Last Tuesday, I got my bike ready, bag ready, and was prepared to head out Wednesday morning.  After very little sleep, I got up at the usual 5am and was on the bike by 5:25.  Ride in was 15.7 miles (48 min and some change), showered at the DAHLC and was at my desk at 7am.   When I take the bus I get up at 5 and am at my desk by 6:45am.  So only a net loss of 15 minutes.  However, getting home then getting the kids, I thought, would be more troublesome.  I left work at about 10 to 4, was on the bike by about 10 to 12 after.  Due to where I locked my bike up, it was 15.8 miles to get back which only took 41:47.  Its more uphill going back, but on a couple flat stretches I had a nice tail wind, plus since I was going home, I hammered a few hills a bit.  Got in the door at home at about 4:50.  Extra time on the way home was about the same as the bus going home is a little quick too. So, since it wasn't that much more work, I may have to strategize and do this a little more often.

My right ankle has been bothering me since the Spring Classic on May 7th.  Add on 32 miles of running the week after that race (May 9 thru 15) and it just got worse, so riding more last week made sense.  Ankle was better, or good enough last week, by Friday so I raced.

Friday I did the Stay Out of the Sun Run, 10k, placed 3rd overall and 1st in AG 40-49.  However, bad ankle came back.

Sunday came and I had to do a brick.  I modified this quite a bit.  I ended up doing a short ride, inside, then wanted to test the ankle with a short jog--outside.  It wasn't too bad, but about 1/2 mile out I got caught in a down pour--then the hail came.  Not big hail, but not fun. 

Anyway, here are the numbers from last week (this week is R&R).  I think I had the most miles of riding in one week so far this year:

Swim: 4650.00 Yd, 1h 45m 27s

Bike: 126.30 Mi, 6h 30m 30s

Run: 18.99 Mi, 2h 16m 09s

Strength: 40m

TOTAL TRAINING TIME: 11 hours 12 minutes 6 seconds

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