Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stay Out of The Sun Run race report

It was not problem to stay out of the sun last evening for the race as it rained and rained. As luck would have it though, at about 6:15, 15 minutes before start time, it stopped. The trail was pretty wet and the humidity was up, but it turned out ok.

There was a little delay in the start, but that was due to the timing mats not picking up on the timing chips, but eventually we were released. Some of the usual 'fast' guys were there including Ian Lanza (winner of the Spring Classic 15k two weeks ago). There was also another guy, later to learn his name to be Franz Hebl, that I pegged as fast for the simple reason that he reminded me of a runner from the 80's--sort of a Prefontaine-ish look. For the women, Ruth Brennan-Morrey was there. She had a comeback win largely due to her run split at the Falls Duathlon on April 30. I told her at the starting line that she would have no problem tonight. However, Ann Moyer was there who's got a pretty solid run herself. Anyway, on with the recap....

Once they started us I ended up in front leading us down the flat opening stretch which goes for a short 1/2 block or so until it goes down hill--literally; a descent that we run down, but would have to run up to finish the race. So after we get down the hill I remained in front with Prefontaine next to me. I was thinking "where is Lanza? I don't want to be out here in front?" Then within the next 30 seconds or so, about 1/3 of a mile in, on a corner that heads us up the Douglas Trail, he (Lanza) passed Pre (Hebl) and me. Pre got on him and a gap formed. They ran together as I was about 5 yards back. Mile 1 came up too quick-- 5:15!!! That's the fastest mile I've ever ran. Partly due to the down hill at the beginning?? Whatever it was, I panicked a little thinking I was going to blow or blow chunks before we even get halfway. I started slowing down enought that the gap between me and the two ahead was growing.  Mile two was 5:53 and I was starting to settle into an uncomfortably-comfortable-agonizing state of suffering. It was at that point that I could see Pre pulling away from Lanza--they were about 75 yards up from me at the time. The gaps between those two got bigger as well as the gap that Lanza had on me. We get to the turn around.  I was in 3rd and could see number 4 coming at me. As we ran towards each other I tried to make out who he was.  Then I could tell it wasn't a "he" but instead was Ruth--she was in 4th!! "I'm gonna get chick'd" I thought.  I think it was about mile 4 that we turned and got on gravel that lasted about quarter to third of a mile. That wasn't so bad, but off the gravel there were a ton of mud clumps--farm truck mud clump droppings. My left foot nailed one, I almost slipped, then the next few steps I scrape-stepped to kick it off. We continued on a paved county road for what seemed like forever. There were some volunteers at the next corner who said "just one point three to go." That started a horrible hill! Seriously, it sucked. Over that hill, then down, flat, turn, then up the hill that we started on. The 5k'ers were turning on to the hill from the opposite direction so it was an uphill run of weaving to finished the race. Up the hill, here the top, was the 6 mile mark.  I hadn't hit my lap button since mile three so I hit it at mile 6-- 18:15--which made the last 3 miles a 6:05 pace.  I crossed at 36:45 (5:55 pace) and 3rd overall (1st AG 40-49). That's a PR time for me at the 10k distance. The other other 10k I've ran, that wasn't trail, was the Festival Run in Kasson which is also hilly (I think I was in the 38's there).  

Hebl took the win @ 34:54!!  (freak?).  Lanza 2nd @ 35:59.  Ruth Brennan Morrey held on to 4th overall, 37:43 (6:05 pace) against some other fast guys as Patrick Steward was just 15 seconds behind @ 37:58.  A buddy of mine, Jeremy Ekman, came in under 42 which was his goal--so he dropped his time from last year and after looking at the results, he out-ran some guys that finished ahead of him in 2010.  Nice work!   Ann Moyer came in 2nd for the women @ 45:16.  For the 5k, Dominic Trom won that @ 17:59.  Dominic and I know each other thru his mom, who I know thru the RAC--we're both instructors there--and Dom and I have raced together in the Awesome Blossom 5 Mile which is Blooming Prairies 4th of July running event (he always beats me there).  Mederic Hall took 3rd overall in the 5k and Joanna Hall took the womens overall in the 5.  There were several others that I know and recogzined between the 3 events (10, 5, and 5k walk)--over 700 people in all.

After the race, Franz Hebl introduced himself to me.  Very nice guy--said "You did great. We had a good race."  Modest.  He smoked it.  Joe (Moyer) asked me how I was the only one he's seen that managed to get dirty.  I guess I had mud on the back of my legs and shirt--even up on my right shoulder.  Farm truck droppings.  Also, I did wear the screamin' citron colored Saucony A4's (see previous post).  They worked well, but my right ankle is back to feeling pretty tender again.  R&R week starts Monday!!!

Oh, for the AG 1st place prize I got a medal and this:
No, not the kid, the sheikh-ish style hat.  The SOS RUN benefits/raises money for melanoma research and education. Coolibar, the company that makes the hats, is a main sponsor for the race. 




Brian said...

Nice. So early in the season as well. The rest of the year I will now expect sub 6's in all your run/tri events. I would have left the new shoes in the car and gone with the 'mudders' though! Hope they worked out well for you and didn't inflict too much damage from the mud.

Piper Doyle Beuthling said...

great to be 40! Puts you in a new age bracket! Run fast before you turn 41!