Monday, April 4, 2011

March 2011: Monthy Totals and Recap

As I said last month, stating monthly training totals are a bit odd--for several reasons.  Mainly because different periods of training may be involved so even if your season is progressing, increasing in intensity and/or volume, volume from one month to the following could decrease depending on how your R&R weeks fall.  Also, a month may end mid-week.  For March, it started on a Monday (good because training weeks usually start on Mondays), but March ended on a Thursday. 

A couple things happened in March that are worth mentioning, otherwise it was a pretty quiet, but good month of training.  I raced once, and had one minor set back in training.  I have never ran in a race this early in the year (save for the Resolution Run in 2009, but that was just for the heck of it) so I wasn't expecting anything great, but I managed to PR my 5k time.  So I am not the fastest guy in the world, and it wasn't a big race (Lucky Green 5K), but it was nice to PR.  Jace also raced in March--his earliest race too, but he came thru with a decent time, and wasn't sore at all the next day--despite NO running training or practice runs. I also had an injury scare--more paranoia I think--but at the time I thought I totally blew out my left calf.  Its still bothering me a little, but after a few days of rest from running, foam rolling the he// out it, I feel a lot better and am able to run. 

Anyway,  here are the monthly numbers March 2011:
Swim: 16725.00 Yds - 6h 46m 20s
Bike: 333.50 Mi - 19h 00m 38s

Run: 97.24 Mi - 12h 15m 57s

Strength: 3h 14m

TOTAL MARCH TRAINING: 41 hours, 16 minutes, 55 seconds

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Black Knight said...

18.01 is very very fast, congrats!