Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is pretty cool..  First of all, I am not that saavy with regards to importing things into my blog.  Basically, I can type and import photo's, but a monkey can do that...I think.  Anyway, I have imported documents like training logs or training plans, but I first scan them so they are like a photo, then I import them. They look like crap, though. Really small and hardly readable.  I have seen on others' sites that they have huge documents or articles right on their blog so I looked into it. I found a site called and in there found out that you can use a site called to upload a document to, then import it from there.  Works great.  Check out the page above titled TRAINING.  I used scribd to upload my actual training log from January 2011 so that it show up nice and readable.  Don't make fun of my lack of training hours/mileage.

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