Monday, November 15, 2010

Zagg Invisible Shields

A little over a year ago I posted up about a Zagg Invisible Shield that I put on my Suunto T3C heart rate monitor/GPS. They offer a life time replacement warrantee on their products as along as you register them. I bought the shield thru a company called InvisibleSkinz, not directly thru Zagg so I didn't know if they would really hold up their end of the deal. I didn't have my product registered with Zagg because I thought I would just go thru Invisible Skinz. Problem is, they don't exist anymore, but their site directs you to now. I thought I would have trouble getting it replaced as I didn't have the receipt and how would I prove that my shield was a Zagg. I got on to their site and they let me register my year+ old watch shield and then they instantly let me go thru the process of replacing it. The original shield was $9.99, and to replace it they did charge me $3.99 in shipping. I basically got a whole new kit for $3.99--it included the shield/skin, a cleaning solution and squeegy to make sure you can get it on the device and get all the air bubbles out. I was pretty impressed. I got the new shield yesterday and put it on. The face of my Suunto with the shield on it was pretty banged up. I thought there was no way that the face would be totally scratch free. Check this out though--pictures of my watch after putting on the new shield:

Its basically flawless.  Now check this out--the old shield on a piece paper:

Ok, the lighting is bad, but its grimy and nicked up all over--you can see that the shield did its job. 

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