Thursday, November 18, 2010


On my way to work yesterday, I was approaching a vehicle up ahead of me that was stopped at a set of lights.  As I approached I noticed something shiny, dangling from the trailer hitch/rear bumper.  As I got closer I thought "No. Come on. Really. No."  Yep, a set of "balls" hanging from the bumper.  I took out my iPod and snapped a shot. 

I noticed that the vehicle was a Ford F-150 with a camper shell.  Really? You are driving an F-150 with a topper and you have the 'balls' to put 'balls' on it?  Seriously, my Vibe has about as much 'balls' as an F-150.  If you're going to get a truck, fine.  If its an F-150, it doesn't have balls.  Come on, dude.

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