Friday, November 12, 2010

Walmart Aqua Socks - cheap way to experiment with minimalistic footwear

The exact pair I have, but picture is from Barefootjasons blog
 A few days a week I put on my Vibram FiveFinger KSO's, hop in the car, drive to the park-n-ride lot, hop on the bus, ride into work, hop off the bus and walk a few blocks to work.  I keep a pair of brown, and a pair of black dress shoes under my desk so I don't have to wear them to and from work.  Lately, the overnight temp is dropping pretty low and its going to get worse so its a bit chilly to be going sockless in the VFF's.  I don't want to get the toe sock as 1) my VFF's fit pretty snug and I don't think socks would make for a very comforable experience and 2)....well that's it, there is no two.

A few days ago I reached for the VFF's and saw the Walmart Aqua Socks next to them.  I bought them 2 summers ago thinking I can wear these at the lake (obviously) or at tri's after I put my wet suit on so I can leave the transition area set up, but still have something on my feet so I don't step on something sharp.  I've worn them 3 times and never at a tri.  I wear an 8, usually--these are a 7-8 and are HUGE. They are not tight fitting like the word "sock" would imply.  So when I saw them next to the VFF's, I decided to pull them on right over my socks.  They are still a little big, but perfect for walking to and from the bus/park-n-ride.  There is no support, the bottom is soft and flexible too--very similar to the feel of VFF's, without the toes. However, they do look like slippers.  If you are considering a minimalist/barefoot-like option for just walking around and don't want to invest in VFF's, this could be what you need.  The bonus is that you probably won't run in them (too much) which will allow your dormant tendons, muscles, and ligaments to wake up and strengthen.  A few weeks/months down the road your feet & ankles may be ready for some barefoot or minimalist footwear.  Check out Barefoot Jason's blog--he wrote a review on them from the perspective of a barefoot running option.

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