Thursday, May 20, 2010

TT Tonight, but Way Different Than Last Thursday

The third Tri-Rochester Spring TT is tonight.  Last week had us riding with swirling winds, damp conditions from rain earlier in the day, gloomy cloudiness, and temps that I believe were in the 50's.  The conditions were bad, but they've been worse. At least we had somewhat of a tail wind on the second long stretch of the course (but had to battle headwinds on the way out).

Tonight is a different story.  The temps should be in the 70's with sunny skies.  The turn out should be high given the fair conditions.  However, there is usually a trade off whenever we're dealing with spring time weather.  The wind tonight is expected to be out of the East South East at about 12 mph.  That means we will start with a tail-cross wind and the second long stretch, when we are going East, will have us riding into the wind coming from the ESE--pretty much in our face.

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