Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Nights TT

Tri-Rochester Spring TT #2 in the books...

I was 18 seconds slower than last week, but the wind sucked.  As usual, I didn't get in much of a warm up.  However, not many did.  The guy that had the top time last night went last and had the advantage of warming up and staying warm--coming up to the line just after I took off (I think I left third from last).   Not saying I would have beat his time, but I have in the past.  He caught me about 5 miles in.  I tried to keep him in my sights, but eventually, he/we started catching others and I lost him.  He clocked a 33:24.  That's pretty dang fast considering the conditions.   My time was 34:59 on the 14 mile course making for 24.1 av speed. 

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