Monday, May 24, 2010

Tri-Rochester Spring TT #3

They results aren't posted yet, but a lot of people showed up out at the TT last Thursday.  There had to be at least 30 because I was the 27th rider to take off.  I know that Bill Morice, Alex Hooke (who passed me), and Mark Carey all started after me.  Mark rode his 29'er with knobbies and still pulled off a rumoured 42 minutes.  That would be insane. 

It was pretty windy, but I think having a tail wind on the first long section worked better than having at the end.  Maybe because you're going to suffer in the wind one way or the other, and you're probably going push hard near the end too--so you might as well have the wind on the second half.  I gambled and figured I will go just about 'all-out' during the first half and put in as much energy as I can during the second half when faced with wind.  If I bonk, I bonk--there's always next week. 

Alex H. passed me with about 3 miles to go. He got a pretty good gap, but then on the last few rollers I started gaining distance on him, then it would open wider again--sort of a yo-yo thing going on.  He's faster than me so I was happy that he passed me because I knew he would get a better time, but with him in front of me made me push a little harder.  I got to the last corner at 30:20.  My goal is to get there at 30 minutes, because then I could possibly PR and get a time of around 33 minutes.  My PR going into it that night was 33:10.  At 30:20 with about 1.5 miles to to go I thought I could PR, but there was still head wind to battle.  About half way thru the last section I thought I could go 32:30 because despite the wind, I was doing ok. It wasn't straight on--more of a cross wind. Then as I approached the last hill (it ends on a small hill) I was thinking, "Ok, thirty three even and I'll be happy!"  Then I decided to pound the hill figuring I can puke when I'm done.  I finished in 32:55.  I think Alex went about 32:20.  Bill Morice, who has out-ridden me by a minute or more the last two TT's timed at 33:06.   I think those 11 seconds are definitely due to have to chase Alex.

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