Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Base 3 Summary

Here are the stats from BASE 3 (April 12 - May 9, 2010).  April 12th thru May 2nd were the 'work' weeks of Base 3; May 3rd thru May 9th was the 'R & R' week of Base 3.  Build 1 started Monday, May 10th.

TOTAL Training Time: 34 hours

SWIMMING - 3.25 hrs (Yards: 7900 yds; Long swim: 1900 yds)

CYCLING- 18 hrs (Miles: 279.85; Long ride: 35 miles, 3:38:50, off-road)
* all riding on road, racing, off-road, stationary bike, bike & trainer
RUNNING - 10 hrs (Miles: 77.6; Long Run: 6.26 miles)
* Running includes indoor track, treadmill & outside

STRENGTH - Hours: 2.75
* Strength training includes weights & phys therapy type exercises incorporating bands, poses/holds

AVERAGE Training Hours per week: 8.5

TESTING: Swim Test- 400 yards in 7:36 (moderate, non exhausting intensity)

RACING RESULTS: Falls Duathlon= 3rd overall, 1st AG; TriRochester Spring TT Series, TT #1= 5th of 22 in Aero Division; Sandwich 50 Enduro MTB Race= I did 35 or so miles of 50 then bailed.

INJURIES: Still feeling nasty pain on the outer area of the left knee which has limited my running ability.  I am replacing my usual runs with pool running the week of May 10 to see if I can put this issue behind me. Can't tell if its the knee or ITB.  Thats is what I get for pushing it in the Fetzer 20k with very little-to-no race-pace training.  I had the mileage in, but not enough speed/intensity training.

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