Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here are the stats from BASE 2 (March 15-April 11):

TOTAL Training Time: 33.5 hours
SWIMMING - Hours: 4 hrs (Yards: 10,250 yds, Long swim: 1900 yds)

CYCLING - Hours: 14.75 (Miles: 264.7; Long ride: 35.5 miles/2 hrs/indoor)
      - only one 8 mile ride was outside, otherwise it was all on a stationary bike, or bike & trainer

RUNNING* - Hours: 10.5 (Miles: 82.8, Long Run/jog: 12.43 miles/1:23:24)

STRENGTH** - Hours: 4.25

AVERAGE Training Hours per week: 8.38
TOTAL Training Time: 33.5 hours
No TESTING this period unless you count 'testing' out homemade sport drinks...

* Running includes indoor track, treadmill & outside

**Strength training includes weights & phys therapy type exercises incorporating bands, poses/holds

Due to the Fetzer 20k being an end of the week race at the end of an R&R week, it left me pretty drained going into the first week of BASE 3.  I turned a Tuesday morning endurance (zone 2) ride into a recovery ride and a my Tuesday tempo run (zone 3) into a 30 min recovery level run that was still tough to get thru.  Things got a little better on Wednesday, but this first week of Base 3 might end up more similar to a prep week.  No harm done as I would expect to have more energy for the next two Base 3 work weeks.

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