Monday, April 19, 2010


Last week Jace told me "If its not too windy next Monday [today] we're gonna do the mile in gym."   When is it not windy in SE MN?  Yesterday it was said to be calm.  The wind had to be 15 mph.  I just looked at the weather--around 5-9 mph from 9-noon.  Down here, that's calm.  We'll see what happens. As I mentioned in an earlier post, his goal was to go sub-7 in the mile.  He did a 2 mile race at a 6:47 pace so I guess he's already below 7, but that was an out and back--going 4 times around a track to reach 1 mile is a little more difficult pace.

Stay tuned for an update.
 UPDATE, 04/20/10:  They did the mile.  I don't know what happened, but he ran it in 7:05.  So, he can run 2 miles straight with an average pace of 6:47, but 1 mile alone at 7:05...?   He still did very well as 7:05 for a 9 year old is pretty fast.  I asked him how it went and how it felt and why he thinks he ran a different pace than at the 2 mile. 
Jace:  "Well, I didn't have any body to chase." 
Dad:  "Ok, that does make a big difference.  Its a lot more fun to chase after people in a race than to run alone on a track.  Did you catch up and lap anyone?"
Jace: "Ya, like almost everyone, like three times."
Dad: "Could you pretend you were chasing them?"
Jace: "Not really...  They were too slow."
Then, I didn't try, but I stumped him...
Dad: "Well you did really good anyway.  Let me ask you this... What if you were the fastest person in a race and were out in front the whole time and would win, would you have anyone to chase?"
Jace: "Huh. Uhhhh....what?"

I could hear the wheels turning, but nothing else came out.


Charly Tri said...

Sub 7? Wow, when I was in college we had to do the mile and I was 2nd out of like 30 people. I think 6:15. I thought I was pretty hot stuff especially since I never, ever run unless the police are on my tail (and then they usually get me anyways with that darn heat sensor on the helicopter set up).

Brian said...

Wind has been T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E this spring. Sunday I went out way early just to get in a bike TT before the wind started up.

Lately, if the wind is not gusting to 20 MPH then I feel like its actually calm out......sad!