Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Banana-Berry Almond Super Smoothie

This has to be the best one yet. Taking a suggestion from Brian to use banana and blue berries, I've concocted a new Super Smoothie. Super because it has 'complete' protein from 4 sources: soy, hemp, pea, rice; contains amino's, essensial fatty acids, is high in vitamins and minerals like potassium and vitamin E, contains antioxidants, and it TASTES GREAT.

Here's what's in it and how to make it.


1 cup or around 8 oz of Silk PURE Almond milk (original flavor)
1/3 - 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 sliced, frozen banana (I take banana's that are a little spotty, slice then freeze them for smoothies)
1 scoop (which is a half serving) Life's Basics Plant Protein Powder (5 Fruit Blend)
1/2 scoop GNC Soy Protein Powder, Banana flavor
1/2 tsp Maca Magic Powder (aside from nutrients, it has a slightly malty flavor)
1 tsp ground flaxseed
water (use what you need to finalize the consistency)

First, get a large cup or glass and make sure it's totally dry. Add all the dry ingredients (protein powders, maca, and flaxseed). This way you aren't opening each container and separately adding stuff to the blender. Set glass aside. Now take your blender (or Ninja) and throw in the frozen blueberries and banana. Pour the Almond Milk over it and blend until smoothe or almost smoothe. Pour the dry indredients from your glass and blend. Mine was pretty thick so I added plain water to thin it out a bit. If you don't have frozen fruit, it may not be thick so you might not need the water--instead add ice which will thicken it up and give it that cold frozenish smoothie-ness.

I've made all sorts of smoothie using juice, soy milk, cow's milk, but the Almond milk is the best yet. By the way, I pretty much took down a half gallon of Silk Pure Almond Vanilla over the weekend. It's a little too sweet so I cut it with plain soy milk. That's ridiculously good. I wouldn't doubt if they start packaging an Almond-Soy blend someday. I've had Almond Breeze (click link for $1.00 off) before and that was just as good as Silk's Pure Almond, but I remember it being too sweet as well. However, Almond Breeze does make an unsweetened which was pretty good too. They also make Chocolate. Hmmm, Chocolate Almond Banana...


Gunnar said...

It's also pretty easy to make your own almond milk. The simplest is to take a cup of crushed almonds (I bought some a fleet farm in the nuts and candy area) and 4 cups of water and whirl the heck out of it in a blender, add a little vanilla (if you like vanilla) and whirl it a bit more and keep it in a pitcher. This method leaves a little bit of almond bits floating around. I assume you can strain out those bits if you want.

Here's another recipe I found, but haven't tried yet because it's it little more complicated. http://www.veganreader.com/2009/09/12/almond-milk-recipe-the-creamiest-of-them-all/

Mario said...

Thanks! I was looking into making some. I am reading the one of the THRIVE books by Brendan Brazier and there's all sorts of recipes in there. His almond milk is made with Rooibos tea and he soaks the almonds first. I think that makes them almost turn into a cream when blended. I may try it this weekend. Maybe I'll try your first.