Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Last Critical Workout

This past Saturday I did my last key brick workout--a bike-run interval brick. I mapped out a run course of 3.1 miles (5k) with each mile marked as well. Then, to simulate the bike course in Rimini, I rode out just a bit past 2 miles on a fairly flat county road (CR34) making for a 4 mile loop. The course in Rimini will have us doing a 4.1 mile loop, 6 times. With a few age groups all going off at 11:30am it will make for a pretty congested bike course (and they say this isn't draft-legal). I also set up a transition area about 20 yards from my driveway so I would have to time and practice the T1 and T2 as well.

I set out for a 1.2 mile warm-up jog of 7:42, hit T1 (1:01) and transitioned to the bike. I only had to go about .5 miles to hit the 4 mile loop I had set up and begin the grueling intervals. I did six 5 minute intervals at about race pace--maybe a little harder--with a 2.5 minute recovery after each.
I1- 170 AHR/177 MHR
I2- 170 AHR/175 MHR
I3- 169 AHR/176 MHR
I4- 169 AHR/176 MHR
I5- 167 AHR/173 MHR
I6- 167 AHR/176 MHR

The average HR fell a bit as the intervals went on, but some of it had to do with where the turnarounds were. The last 2 intervals had me starting about 1/4 mile from a turn around so I couldn't quite get up to speed and intensity before having to slow, make the turn, then ramp it back up. Also, being totally warmed up a couple intervals in could account for a steadier pace, but lower HR. Ok, fatigue plays into it as well.

After the last interval, I rode in zone 2 (143-154) for about 15 minutes, then headed home to T2. T2 was a quick 55 seconds then I hit the run. My plan was to run the first 2 miles hard--at race pace, then jog out the last 1.1 mile to cool down. Mile 1 felt really good at 5:50 (166 AHR/175 MHR). Mile 2 felt ok, but here it comes, the lateral and side of the right knee and the lateral hamstring tendon area started to hurt...again. It wasn't so bad, but the pain came on about 2/3 into mile two. I ran thru it, but it slowed me down a little as mile 2 was 6:15 (175 AHR/180 MHR). Not bad, but not what I want in the race as I'd like them all around 6 minutes. As soon as I completed mile 2, I slowed down to a jog and the pain eased up. When the 5k was done I walked--about a two blocks to get home--and the pain was gone. The area remained a little stiff for the next couple of hours, but after some ice and stretching it was back to normal.

The rest of the week will be nothing but a few short maintenance workouts with a lot of rest, recovery, and stretching until the big race on Sunday.

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