Tuesday, July 29, 2008

R&R Week Run Test

On Sunday, last day of my R&R week, I did a 1 mile run test. This wasn't to see how fast I could run a mile, but to time the mile at a controlled heart rate--staying 9-11 beats below threshold. This is basically a measure of aerobic fitness because you're not quick anaerobic yet, but are approaching the upper end of your aerobic capacity. Back in March I ran at 11 beats below threshold and clocked the mile at 6:21. I ran the same stretch of road to keep the conditions mostly the same and clocked the mile at 5:59. There is some room for error in there as my warm-up this time was about 5 minutes longer, but for the most part this is an improvement.

Training for the big race is on track...so far. I was going to provide a link here for more race info and the World Championship roster, but USAT just re-vamped their site and are still working on it. Check back later... Wait a sceond, its working again--click THIS.

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