Friday, July 25, 2008

10k Running

Yesterday I needed to do an easy run staying in zones 1 & 2 (1=easy/recovery; 2=endurance/steady jog/light run). Since I will be doing the Festival Run 10k in Kasson in a couple weeks I figured it was a good time to jog that route. I've done it a few times this summer, but haven't paid much attention to pacing on it. From my driveway, around the loop, then back to my driveway, its exactly 6.2 miles. For my heart rate I was able to average 145 (two beats up into zone 2) at a 7:36 pace. Last year, with not much running and only one run of 6 miles, I did the race in 41:10. It hurt. I think I am a little more prepared this year. I would like to post a time around 38:00. That would mean I have to pace at 6:12. However, I measured the actual course (which starts and finishes at North Park--2 blocks off the route each way) on two different bikes and it turns out the course is more like 6.4. That makes a big difference. 6.2 at 41:10 is a 6:38 pace, while 6.4 at 41:10 is a 6:25 pace. If I want 6.4 miles at 38 min, I would actually have to pace at 5:56. Good luck...

Studio Cycle starts at 5:30am...gotta go.

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