Monday, July 21, 2008

Heart of the Lakes Tri (my last tri of the season?)

Quick summary... I felt really good during all 3 legs, but my swim was still pretty weak. I didn't feel like I was working as hard as I could of on the bike because I knew the 5.3 mile run to finish up the race would be tough. I've never done more than 3.1 miles at the end. Of 460 competitors including Elites, I was 17th on the bike with an average speed of 25.9. I think the bike route was estimated a little long because I've never averaged that high of a speed, but who knows. Results, three ways:

Among everyone (overall)-
45th: 308th swim, 17th bike, 41st in the run

All Men, Non-Elite-
19th: 202nd swim, 3rd bike, 17th in the run

Age Group 35-39-
5th: 29th swim, 1st on the bike, 6th in the run

I don't have any tri's or du's scheduled until the World Championship in September, but I have to put something on there to gauge my training. I am planning some running events though.

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