Tuesday, June 5, 2007

FREE Water Bottles !

Free bottles... Ok, there is a catch. If you haven't noticed the Product Discounts link on the right side of the page, I want to bring it to your attention. Now thru June 30 you can receive a 30% discount on Accelerade, Endurox, and Accel Gels just by ordering thru the link on the right (or by clicking on the highlighted words you just read). With every order you get a free bottle. Shipping is $5.99 per order so I suggest ordering enough for the rest of the summer or going in with someone on an order. Also, the price you see is before the discount. Select a product, put it in the cart and you'll see the discounted price.

I have been a fan of Endurox ever since it came out about 5 years ago. It's a recovery drink--not at all meant for drinking during or before exercise. It works wonders to restore, replenish and rejuvenate after a workout. I was never a fan of Accelerade...until recently. I think they unveiled it too early. It came out shortly after Endurox as sort of a weaker version--less cals, less protein, but meant for consumption during exercise. Did I say protein? Yes, it was one of, if not the, first drinks WITH protein intended for use during exercise. Like Gatorade, but with protein. Studies show that carbohydrate drinks with just a little protein help you go longer, faster, stronger, and helps you get a jump on recovery better than carbohydrates alone. Whether its true or not, it doesn't hurt. However, when it came out I think they wanted to use the popularity and buzz of Endurox and slip it in the market to get sales going. I didn't like the taste and if the activity was too intense I would feel like hurling. Too 'proteiny' tasting. (is that a word?) I bought one canister and never tried it again. Now they have several flavors of Accelerade and I believe they have reformulated the recipe. It's good stuff. I used a it (berry flavor) on a 60 miler the other day and felt great. I didn't feel too good starting out, but I started drinking the Accelerade about 45 minutes in and soon I was rolling right along.

If you come to any of my cycling classes just ask me for a sample and I just might have one on me to give you. Then I'll know someone reads this blog!

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