Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recap of the Apple Duathlon as My Spring Racing Ends

At the end of the Apple Duathlon on Saturday, May 26, so ends my season of racing. I may race again near the end of the Summer at the Treadman Duathlon and then some CX in the Fall, but for now its over.

My goal at the Apple was to finish in the top 3 of my age group and a top 30 overall. By looking back at the prior years results, I thought this was du-able. During the race I kept thinking that this was it for a while so I tried to push it a little harder than usual. The first run I ranked 53rd. Pretty bad. Most of them in my starting wave, but quite a few in the next wave probably beat my 19:31 run time. Once on the bike I caught and passed 14 guys (yes, I was counting). One guy from the next wave caught and passed me at about mile 13 on the bike--I kept him in my sights for the rest of the bike section, but had no delusions of catching him--on the bike or the run that would follow. I overroad the last turn by about a 100 feet--the corner marshall volunteer was waving the flag straight up and a cop at the corner was swinging his arm in a circle to come straight thru. Well, the cop must have been waving a car thru that was just behind me. So I lost a few seconds there, but no riders hit the corner before me. The last couple riders that I passed were coming up and then entered the transition area within seconds of me. Just a few feet out on to the course for second and final run, I was passed. He was 30 years old--didn't care too much about him--different age group. It wasn't just that, but he was flyin! I would kill myself trying to stay with him. Then I was passed about a 1/2 mile in by an age grouper (meaning my age group). I tried to keep right on him, but soon let go. Eventually he got about 15 seconds up on me. Then another guy passed me, again, not in my age group so at this point I was more concerned with the age grouper just up ahead. I looked back and saw no one for a while so I started to feel content with my position and just hold steady. Then in the last mile I started to think again about this race being the last for a while and my goals. That fueled me enough to take a shot at catching the age grouper in front of me. I tried to close in, but it didn't seem to be working. I felt like I was moving faster, but it was just more painful. Within a 1/2 mile of the finish I really pushed it. It was agonizing--I was gasping so hard that if this wasn't a race someone would have called an ambulance. With two corners left around a tennis court, I caught and passed then next guy up--the guy in my age group. I had about 50 feet on him as we entered the transition area--I thought that was the end--NOT. We still had about a block to go up to the the start/finish area. I kept pushing and ended up putting about 15 seconds on him. That felt good!

I ended up in 5th place of 42 in my age group, 29th of 257 overall, and 26th of 188 men. Run 1 I was 53th overall, bike was 21st overall, Run 2 53rd again. Within my age group: Run 1= 10th, Bike= 3rd, Run 2= 9th. After doing a little research I was very happy with my overall finish as the field was stocked with some top du/triathletes in the area and even the country. The winner, setting a new course record, was pro David Thompson. I was about 15.5 minutes back from him so I don't think I did to bad. I made the top 30, but missed my age group top 3 by a couple.

Should I try a tri ???? I need to be able to swim--not just doggy paddle.

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