Friday, June 8, 2007

2007 Results

Well, part 1 of my 2007 season has come to a close with the last in a series of 3 local TT's--the RASC Spring TT Series. I know, I said the season was over after the Apple Du, but since the TT's are local, they don't take up the whole day or weekend. Just a quick weeknight ride. Actually shorter than a regular group ride. So, here's a recap of the results:

- Oxbow Spring Classic Dirt Road Race: 8th in Cat 3 (the last "A" class finisher...ouch! Not a
good start to the season)
- Durand Road Race: 18th Cat 3
- Ken Woods Memorial Road Race: 17th Cat 3

- RASC Spring TT #1 of 3 (non-aero div): 2nd place
- Oakdale Duathlon: 2nd place age group finish, 18th overall, 7th overall for the bike section
- RASC Roadie v. Triathletes Smackdown!: 11th (aero/non-aero all ranked together)
- Apple Duathlon: 5th place age group finish, 29th overall
- RASC Spring TT #2 of 3 (non-aero): 2nd place

- RASC Spring TT #3 of 3 (non-aero): 1st place (actually ended up 3rd overall including the aero division)

Unless something spur-of-the-moment comes up, the next event I'll be entering is the Treadman Duathlon on September 1.

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