Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is possibly the last blog post on this site.  Why?  Several reasons:
  • Other than race recaps, random training stuff, and a random topic here and there, there isn't much this blog is used for
  • I don't have a specific theme.  Not that that is a purpose of every blog, but if you have a blog that is completely random and theme-less, that is sort of a theme in and of itself
  • I log all my training on Beginner Triathlete (BT) and put recaps there as well (so its sort of double the work)
  • BT has a blog of there site and a blog roll that shows the latest posts by their bloggers/members.  People who log workouts thru BT can elect to activate their 'blog' so that their training or other things they write are viewable to members, friends, or the general public (depending on their settings). 
SOOOOOO, that is what I am going to go with--I am sticking with BT and making my 'blog' there open to general viewing.  With that said, if you want to follow my training updates, race recaps, and anything else I might write in my training log, please click the link below to be redirected to the new SUPER MARIO MULTISPORT at the BeginnerTriathlete dot com.  If you want to check out cool blogs, move your eyes over to the left.  If they weren't cool bloggers, they wouldn't be there (that doesn't mean that blogs that aren't there, aren't cool, though):

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