Monday, December 5, 2011

My 2012 Race Schedule

Tentative races for 2012...not including running only races (except for a marathon maybe) and the local TT's.

28- Falls Duathlon A great way to kick off the 2012 multisport season. I've done this one all three years of its existence and am planning on a fourth.

26- Apple Duathlon  For several years this race was the USAT Regional Championship and qualifier for the ITU Duathlon Short Course World Championship.  USAT restructed--2009 was the last year this was a championship/qualifier, but I believe it is still USAT sanctioned.  It might be the only USAT sanctioned du in MN--not sure about that.

10- Trinona (Olympic Distance) Other than "the climb" up Galvin Heights, this course is pretty simple and somewhat un-eventful.  Its cool that they split out your hill climb though.  The descent back down into Winona on the bike course is fun and really fast.  The run is a flat out-n-back that goes about 3/4  around Lake Winona then back.
24- Graniteman St. Cloud  I haven't fulfilled the race minumums in a race series since 2008, so I am looking forward to racing in all 3 races in this series. Hopefully I can swing it.  Also, I am looking forward to my return to Sprint distance racing--the opposite of last year where I raced one Olympic and 3 long courses.

14- Graniteman Clearwater Ditto above.

4- Graniteman Big Lake Ditto ditto.
25- TriStar 111 Probably my favorite race from 2011 (that and finishing IMWI).  An AG 40-44 win (although two guys in my AG were ahead of me, but were DQ'd for cutting the course short by accident).  If I can get in a few 75 mile rides in between Graniteman Clearwater and this race, I'll do TriStar again. I'm sure the guys that were DQ'd will be back to try and claim the top spot in our AG.

22- Treadman Duathlon  The T-man was the first multi-sport race I ever did. It was this innagual event 2006, I had never done an actual run workout other than a several 3 mile jogs before this race. Even though I could barely walk the next day, it was a blast and got me hooked on du's.  I've missed it twice since then (2008 & 2011), but took 2nd overall in 2010.  I'd like to compete in T-man 7

22- Mankato Marathon I was registered for this in 2010, but skipped it due to a pulled calf muscle.  To-date, I have not ran a stand alone marathon.  My marathon time in Ironman Wisconsin is not worth saying that I've ran a marathon so I'd like to do one someday.  However, I am only planning on 10 miles being my longest run thru July. If I can somehow start to build running mileage thru August and September and get in an 18-20 miler by the end of September, I might register for this.

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Brian said...

Apple is USAT. If Turtleman remains a du this year it is also USAT. But the Turtle may return to a tri for 2012 if the water level allows it.