Friday, November 11, 2011

We Got a Dog

Go ahead, make fun of me.  If and when we were to get a dog, I wanted a big one. One that I can take running. Carin and Sofia wanted a little toy puppy.  Jace didn't care either way or if we even got one. The girls won (but now there is another boy in the family).  Jace, surprisingly, is the most excited about him. 

Its not the best picture cuz it was taken with my iPod, and you know those lights--the bulbs that are supposed to conserve energy and last 7 years, but do neither--they give off a yellowish tint in iPod photo's (I think).  Anyway, he weighs about a quarter pound, is a Bichon-Shitzu mix.  I have to admit, he's adorable.  So cute you just want to gobble him up (where did that phrase ever come from? Weird).  Anyway, if you did, gobble him up, you'd be hungry in about an hour he's so small : )

Jace got to pick the name, with our approval, so he went with "Percy" after Percy Harvin and he already has a Vikings collar.  Knowing that he is a Shitzu mix, Sofia suggested Shitzy for the name, but we didn't think that would work out for the little guy.  Since Jace named him maybe he'll feel more responsible for cleaning up his poop.


Brian said...

Sorry, man. That is not a dog. That is handbag accessory! ;)

Mario said...

Tell me about it. I have always thought that with all the variety in what we call "dogs" there has to be a division of species. How can you put a shitzu/beshon next to a St. Bernard and call them both 'dogs'? I don't get it.

When I think about it, its not the dogs fault so I don't mind having a little dog around and the kids are really having fun with him. Hopefully that lasts.

Brian said...

Well, our family dogs growing up were chihuahua's so I can't really speak all macho! Kids do need a sense of responsibility as well. Have fun with the dog!