Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New 1 Mile PR

Not for me, for Jace.  Last Friday he ran 6:47 for the mile phys ed test in school.  He has been trying since he was 7 to go under 7 minutes.  At 10, he got under 7 minutes by a good chunk.  I did not put that goal in his head.  His mom did. Just kidding.  When he first ran the mile in school in 2008, it was the same day as we were heading up to Sartell for his first duathlon (first multisport race).  We didn't even know they did the mile in school at the time.  We knew he was excited after they had track & field day--and that's why we signed him up for the du.  Bad timing, but he did pretty well in the du as well.  He's not so much interested in multisports anymore unless you count running with, throwing, and catching a football a multisport event.  He still likes to run 5k's and things like that though.

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