Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Numbers from April 4 - April 10 (Mon-Sunday)

April 4th started the Build 1 period.  The Build periods are tough as the high intensity training ramps up a bit, but the volume comes down a little. Its structured this way due to the demands of the workouts.  I may not do enough high-intensity training as I still restrict myself to one interval/high intensity run session and one on the bike per week.  If I do a brick workout on the weekend, it may include some short, hard efforts. Or if there's a race that I hop into, of course that will be tough.

The calf issue I was experiencing kept me experiencing it, but it got better. I know I should have backed off, but last Tuesday I had some cruise intervals to do so I figured I should experiment a little to see how the calf is.  I jogged to the local track with the intent of doing four 1 mile intervals at race pace with a 3 min recover in between each. During the first mile interval the left calf started complaining a little.  The recovery jog calmed it down.  During the second mile, the calf got more ticked off, but I ran thru it--the pain wained and calmed, then got worse.  That was it.  I jogged home and called it a day.  The calf calmed down on the way home so that was good.
Numbers from last week:
Swim: 4350.00 Yds, 1h 49m 3s
Bike: 75.45 Mi, 4h 9m 16s
Run: 26.89 Mi, 3h 27m 38s
Strength: 42m

TOTAL: 10 hrs 7 min 57 sec

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