Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Numbers from March 7-13 (Mon-Sunday)

Base 3 started out pretty good.  No set backs or issues.  Missed Friday's swim because I had to call in to work--well, I went in for 3 hours.  Anyway, the son was sick so I stayed home most of the day.  That actually turned out nice because I was tired Friday anyway and would have probably forced out a lack-lustre swim and been even more tired, which could have led to a bad Saturday morning ride, which was tough enough already as it was an hour and a half.  Here's the numbers for last week.

Swim: 3300 Yds, 1h 15m 11s (2 swims)

Bike: 89.5 Mi, 5h 4m 47s (5 rides)

Run: 24.26 Mi, 3h 1m 43s (4 runs, but one was a 5 min warm-up)

Weights: 40m (1 quick strength session)

TOTAL:  10 hours, 1 min, 41 sec

Next couple a posts: re-cap of a great run route from Sunday, and wireless headphones for indoor rides.

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