Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TURKEY CHASE or Jace Chase

So last night, Jace and I were throwing the football around and this turkey (not slang, a real turkey), one of many that mill around our yards in the cul-de-sac once in a while, decided to come alone and try to play with us. At first we went into the garage as we were a little freaked out. Then we decided to try to play some more, but when he started chasing again, I got out the iPod and filmed some.  It reminds me of the drill in ROCKY, where coach makes him chase a chicken--only here, Jace has to escape a turkey.

Part Two will post tomorrow

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Charly Tri said...

It reminds you of Rocky, it reminds me of stories I hear of people trying to put there kids on the bison at Yellowstone for a picture and then the kids get gored. Social services is getting a call on this one.