Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Part Two: Turkey Chase or Jace Chase?

NOTE: Before anyone watches this and thinks we were toying with this animal, or playing games with it, well we were for about two minutes, but let me explain.  Before this video was shot, we were playing ball in the street. Then we see this lone turkey (normally we see a few of them) approaching from the yard at the end of the cul-de-sac. We think its sort of cool that he is that close to us, but then he gets closer and closer. Soon we are backing up to our house and he eventually had us trapped in our garage. I took a couple of photos of him while in our driveway. We made a few attempts to get by him lure him away from the garage.  It wasn't until I threw Jace the ball that the turkey pursued him into the street. Then I changed the iPod to video mode and shot what you see below.  After this video we went in the house for about 30 minutes to wait him out. He left and we went back outside to playing catch.

Here's the other half of the video when Jace went back out into the street and I threw him the ball.  A guy at work thinks the Turkey thinks its a female.  I had to clarify--he was talking about the ball, not Jace.

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