Monday, March 7, 2011

R&R Week Numbers (Feb 28 - March 6)

Week 4 of Base 2, Rest & Recovery week, is done. Now is the start of Base 3.  Its starts to get harder now.  Maybe not this hard:

Maybe almost this hard:

Here are the numbers from last week:
Swim: 2200 Yds, 52m 40s (2 swims)
Bike: 47.0 Mi, 2h 47m 51s (3 bikes)
Run: 19.11 Mi, 2h 29m 9s (5 runs, but one was a .6 mile w/u before strength/weight training)
Weights: 29m (1 quick strength session)

Total Training Time: 6 hrs, 35 min, 40 sec

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