Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monthly Totals

Monthly training totals are a bit skewed because no one really trains or sets up their training by the month.  Well, no one that I know of at least.  Training is usually set up by training periods (Base, Build, etc) of two or three work weeks with an R&R week to finish off the period.  So, the 'month' of February pretty much started with a week of R&R from Base 1, then had three weeks of Base 2 to complete the month. R&R for Base 2 is this week--which for the most part is March.  However, since will show you training by month, I figured its worth looking at and posting. 

Monthly totals for February 2011:

Swim: 10318.50 Yds - 4h 14m 18s

Bike:  218.50 Miles - 12h 06m 40s

Run:  85.38 Miles - 10h 54m 13s

Strength: 2h 59m

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