Monday, February 28, 2011

Training Numbers from Last Week (Feb 21 - Feb 27)

Week 3 of Base 2, done. Third week was the last of the "work" weeks of Base 2.  Now is a week of R&R. It was a tough week trying to squeeze in all the planned training and hitting 9.5 hours.  I had to rearrange some stuff, but it worked out.  Barring any issues, Base 3 will start on Monday, March 7 and I'll top out in volume for this peak cycle in the 3rd week of Base 3, March 21 thru 27, at 10 hrs, 40 min.  I am peaking for Rochesterfest Olympic on June 19.  After June is when the IM training will start and eventually I'll top out at 13-14 hours of training during that cycle.  Probably need more than that, but gotta do what I can.  My goal is to finish IMWI in 13 hours.

Here are the stats from last week (click TRAINING page above for completed month):

Swim: 4450 Yds, 1h 50m 15s  (3 swims)

Bike: 71.0 Mi, 3h 53m 15s (3 bikes)

Run: 24.26 Mi, 3h 7m 317s (5 runs, but one was a 5 min warm-up, and another was a 15 min easy jog, so really there were 3 actual run-runs...)

Weights: 40m (1 quick strength session)

TOTAL TIME: 9h 30m 47s

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