Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swimming and Cycling Have Nothing in Common--or do they? And Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.  A little late on that, but I hope you had a great New Year and may it continue... 

As for posts on this blog, I've taken a couple weeks off.  I was off work for about a week over Christmas/New Years and didn't want much to do with computers.  I checked email and posted a couple things to FB, but pretty much only from my iPod.  It was nice not to feel like a slave to the online world.

Training posts and ones of the miscellaneous nature will start up again in the next couple of days. 

2011 training (Base) starts up on Monday, Jan 10 (for me at least), which is about 5 weeks earlier than it did last year.  This past Monday I started on a regular training schedule (a little structured 'prep' training) and actually swam yesterday for the first time in almost exactly a month (last swim was on Dec 2, 2010).  I went pretty easy and pretty short.  Its said that within the three sports of triathlon, swimming is 2nd as far as injury risk (shoulders?). Running is 1st of course. When swimming yesterday, it didn't feel like it was that long ago that I was last in the pool.  It was "just like riding a bike."  Ok, not at all like that. There's no bike, helmet, shoes, etc and there is a lot of water.  However, I was wearing jammers which are sort of like cycling shorts and there are lanes in a pool and on a road. Unless you are on a gravel road and there's certainly no gravel in the water. Well, in lakes there is gravel.  I guess if you ride in the rain there is water too. Maybe a lot depending on whether or not you get caught in a bad storm.  Or maybe you like riding in heavy rain.   Maybe swimming is just like riding a bike...?  Hmmm..

Come back soon.

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