Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Giving A Race The Finger

Actually, I may give the race this weekend Five Fingers.  The Festival In The Park 5 and 10k races are this Saturday morning.  The 10k is a fairly challenging 6.2+ mile loop 90% on a paved bike path that starts in Kasson, gradually makes its way to the lowest point in the area--next to the river in Mantorville. Then you climb out of Mantorville up to a two mile stretch of rollers.  Then the last 1/2 mile is flat.

The 5k, added last year, it a fairly flat race in Kasson.  2007-2009 I have raced the 10k.  This year, however, I may race 5k only to test out the Five Finger KSO's.  I have been wearing them for about 9 weeks now.  Mainly for walking to and from the gym, the bus, to run errands, etc.  Regular running aside, I have treated my run time in the VFF's as if I was brand new to running.  I started out with just a couple blocks of jogging then gradually added more distance/time.  After 9 weeks, I am up to 3.1 miles of jogging.  Its went pretty well, but as soon as I worked up to 2 miles, I notice tightening in both the right and left lower calf --not all the way to the achilles, but not up high.  I jogged the Festival 5k last Friday. It measured at 3.15 miles and took 26:15 (8:19 pace).  I have a couple more days to decide and will try to pre-run it one more time.  Maybe jog half, run half.  If all goes well, I'll race the 5 in the VFF's.  If I fear major disabling calf cramping, I'll go with the usual shoes and do the 10.

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