Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just a quick summary...  I used my road bike for the Trinona Olympic distance triathlon.  Not a good idea.  My bike time probably suffered by 2-3 minutes, but worse yet, getting off of a road bike after 25 miles then running a 10k does not feel good.  I should have used my tri-bike.  Although it probably hurt my overall placing, I still managed to pull out 1st in my age-group.  Overall it was a great race.  The run was VERY TOUGH.  Easy course for the run--a flat out-n-back, but I suffered on it.

Here are my times:

By Overall:
15th overall (of  182 finishers)
1 of 13 in Age 40-44
Swim, 67th overall, 27:41 (1:42 pace per 100 yds)
T1-  1:36
Bike, 8th overall, 1:07:43 (23.0 mph average)
T2- 0:55 (possibly a top 10 transition time--that's a first)
Run, 13th overall, 40:33 (6:32 pace per mile)
TOTAL TIME: 2:18:26

By Age Group 40-44:
1st of 13 in Age 40-44
Swim, 6th of 13, 27:41 (1:42 pace per 100 yds)
T1- 1:36
Bike, 1st of 13, 1:07:43 (23.0 mph average)
T2- 0:55
Run, 1st of 13, 40:33 (6:32 pace per mile)
TOTAL TIME: 2:18:26

King of the Bluff Competition:
6th overall of 182


Brian said...

Um, dude. You didn't have the fastest bike split in your AG. In fact, you got smoked by over 1000 MPH. You need to work on your bike. A lot. ;)

Looks like we both survived our Oly's just fine. May have to try Winona (or is it Trinona!?!) one of these years....sprint though!

Good job!

Mario said...

What are you talking about ? I just thecked the results again. I can't find this 1000 mph you speak of.
(The Trinona staff is on top of it--they fixed the results.)

Brian said...

Ah, shoot. Too bad they didn't leave it in there. Might have helped your USAT ranking to have come in 2nd on the bike to someone averaging 1000 MPH ;)